The Secret to Creating Sizzling Money-Making Advertisements

A lot of people ask me for advice on how to improve the results of their advertisements. That’s a common problem, advertisement or marketing campaigns that just aren’t bringing in the big bucks like expected, and that’s simply because most ads fail to gather new clients and consumers.

Now “fail” is a relative term for some, because there is no generic line that dictates whether or not an advertisement fails or succeeds, but it’s true that everybody would like their marketing to provide greater financial benefits, more money, for their companies.

Here is one major problem:

Your targeted market just doesn’t know about you, your advertisements simply just aren’t reaching them or grabbing them in a way that makes you more noticeable than the competition. If the consumer can’t separate you in their minds from your competition, or maybe they just haven’t heard about you at all, then you have a severely reduced chance of getting any of their business.

There’s another caveat to create an advertisement that doesn’t fail or underachieve, and that’s bad publicity. If you hit one bad note with your target market it is highly likely that you just lost that customer for life, which means you will never give them the chance to fork over their hard-earned cash and credit cards to give you what everybody wants: money.

You can avoid this buy researching your target market heavily. You want to know all the ins and outs of their desires and needs, and then you need to make those desires and needs your top priority. You want to connect with the consumer in a positive way and never let go of that connection because that’s how you get repeat customers, which is how the big money starts to roll in.

You wouldn’t advertise a new line of basketball sneakers with the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, would you? You’ll just be giving yourself or your company bad publicity because this advertisement wouldn’t ring with your target market. Somebody who wants to buy a basketball sneaker would much rather do so from Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant than they would a big blue fluffy creature that has nothing to do with sports, even if it were to a younger target audience you were attempting to sell the sneaker.

People will want to buy the sneaker because of the benefit it will give them, and how is Cookie Monster going to show them that buying this sneaker will make them a better basketball player or make them look cool. People might certainly talk about the silly ad with Cookie Monster attempting to dunk with your sneaker, but it won’t be the kind of publicity that will make people want to buy your product.

Grab their attention right away

If you can grab the attention of the consumer right away you have started yourself off with a good step. In fact, it’s an essential step because if a consumer decides to skip over your advertisement for any reason that spells doom for you and your hopes of a streaming income.

However, like I said before, after you have captivated your target market just make sure you show them the benefits of your product in a way that would compel them to see your product as valuable and full of benefit-solutions so they’ll feel excited enough to buy your product now – which is key because if somebody decides to hold off on purchasing right away and procrastinate the chances of a sale go down dramatically.

It is so key to grab the attention of your reader and hold it in the correct way. This is almost the whole entire battle to a successful business’ advertisements, which are the gateway to having eye-popping numbers on your bank statement.

If you want the green, then follow my directions.