The Mini Site Formula Review – Make Money With Mini Sites System

Would you like to learn how to make money with mini sites using The Mini Site Formula? I must say that I did not use to believe in the concept of minisites since they earn very little money (at most $ 5 per day for every mini site) and require a lot of maintenance and time to set up. The owner of The Mini Site Formula promises that his package provides all the materials one would need to earn money from mini sites quickly.

1. Is The Mini Site Formula Really a Good Way to Earn Money Online?

I have learned how to build my own money making mini sites quickly with the step by step system with this online product. Once I started to get used to the entire website construction process, I am now able to churn out my own mini sites. This easy duplication process is demonstrated in video format by Joel in his video tutorial package.

2. What are the Skills That You Will Learn Using the Mini Site Formula?

The most important skill I have learned from this course so far is the capability to duplicate the mini-sites across various niches in a short period of time. With as little as 35 minutes, I can quickly create a minisite for any niche I want to target and start earning about $ 3 to $ 5 every day with each of them. With consistent work and effort, I am able to create enough mini-sites that I am using to earn a comfortable monthly income now.

3. How Much Income Can You Expect to Generate Using the Mini Site Formula?

As you can see from the way I describe my experience above, the amount of income any user wants to make out of this formula depends on the amount of time and effort they want to spend learning and implementing it. Some of the most diligent people whom I spoke to are able to earn consistent, five figure incomes per month using this method.