Show Me the Money

This topic is one that carries so much energy with it and yet it’s extremely important. I once heard that money is not the cure for everything; however it ranks right up there with air!

Being an entrepreneur, you can find ways to produce money almost everywhere. The trick is you must enjoy what you’re doing and believe in it 100%. Many people, including myself, have been caught up in the “Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome” and entertain too many opportunities.
Don’t get me wrong, to be successful you should always have multiple streams of income but they should at least all compliment and feed one another. Before you take on anything new think about how it will be viewed by your target audience.
When I started my web development company in 2003, I thought about all the things that business owners need to have a successful website. They need a great site with valuable content and images but more importantly, they need to promote it. So I created different methods and tools to help them get the word out including email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, etc. The only problem was I couldn’t make each of these services produce a high volume of sales. Each one took a lot of time with very little income which ultimately cost me too much.
Since I’m such a big believer in networking your business, I would be approached by every business opportunity possible. I think I actually had a bullseye tattooed somewhere on me that made me a target! At one point in time, I had 4 businesses that all produced a little income but none of them could sustain full-time income.
I made the decision to focus most of my energy into building someone else’s company. Keep in mind, I was still a business owner and managed my own time. The challenge was that no matter how many hours a week I’d dedicate to this organization, it still wouldn’t produce enough income to support myself and my family.
Looking back at it today, I realized that by splitting my focus, I actually diluted the effectiveness and yet when I applied all my energy into the one I thought would work, it failed.
So how do you produce the money you need? By putting yourself in full alignment with the products and services you represent or create. Sometimes we need to let go of what doesn’t serve us to allow new opportunities to blossom. Focus only on one until it runs smoothly, grows with little effort and produces the revenue you desire.
Never look back at what you coulda, shoulda, woulda done. Simply accept what is, be in the moment and always have vision to the future.