Make Money on eBay ~ How to Plan Your Time

It all starts by establishing a routine that you are committed to maintaining. Knowing when you are going to spend time allows you to plan how you will spend that time. It doesn’t matter whether you a full-time or a part-time seller, planning allows you to establish your priorities and to keep your business rolling along. Planning helps you to make money on eBay.

Plan to take care of business email first. Place customers (buyers) first and foremost in your planning. That means that if you have any customer concerns or complaints, they are always handled first. If there are auctions in process, answering prospective buyer questions comes next. You might have a standard set of ‘Questions and Answers’ posted, yet there will be other questions to answer.

Next come tasks associated with pulling, packing and shipping merchandise that has already sold. Buyers are eager to get merchandise that they have purchased. Don’t put this further down your list unless an emergency comes up.

To keep the sales flowing, all of the tasks associated with new item listing come next. That includes determining what to sell, pulling the items, determining shipping weights, and placing items it into shipping cartons after taking photos. Move on to creating the actual listing next.

Next comes ordering replenishment inventory, receiving and stocking new inventory, and banking. Don’t forget to invest some time to do reading and investigation so you are current with changes in the marketplace. Other tasks that may be on your list should be added in their appropriate place. Don’t forget that to make money on eBay you need to place customer and sales related activities first and foremost on your priority list.

Make money on eBay by planning. Always include the highest priority tasks first. When there are time constraints, allow the lowest priorities to remain for another time. If the remaining tasks are too important to leave, seek help to get them done.

To Your eBay Success!