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Be quickly completed – a dream that everyone dreams. With eBay you will not be a millionaire now, you can always earn money. And this is simply: because it took a lot of early seed capital and appropriate spaces, such as a business, now reaches an Internet connection, a computer and an account on eBay – that’s free.

1. The best tips and tricks for sellers

You want to achieve with your proposed article to eBay optimal results, so the highest possible price. This will succeed with a few tips and tricks:


§  Before you post an item, watch auctions the same or similar items. So, you can estimate what price you can achieve and how the “competition” provides the article. Be careful, as they must be designed with the best results.

§  Set the starting price too high. A low bid is delivered quickly and who can offer once, can be reluctant to beat. The classic as the starting price is a euro. Also, the eBay fees are more expensive, the higher the starting price.

§  Be careful with the product description. List all the characteristics of your article.

§  Make sure a photo to your listing. The first picture is free, each additional is 15 cents. Your customers want to see the article. So make a good picture. A blurred photo aroused suspicion. What is there to conceal? Charges extra facilities such as gallery image do you use when most of the competition is also used and your offer otherwise remain unnoticed.

§  Beat the competition with fair shipping and handling from the field. Find out about the best shipping options and offers them to it.

§  Select the correct date on which it ends your offer. Does just the football team? Extremely unfavorable. Do you want to sell barbecue set in the winter? Not optimal.

§  While your offer on eBay is running, you have to be accessible to potential customers. Check your regular e-mails at least once a day. Respond to questions and suggestions. Supreme motto: always friendly and helpful.

§  Always remain polite. If your goods at auction are successful, you give the buyer sufficient time to pay. Do not remind the same after three days. Courtesy and understanding make your customers happy.

§  Send the product immediately after it was paid. If it is delayed, write the buyer an e-mail. So you can be sure to get not only a positive, but an excellent rating. They also assess the buyer. Rapid and reliable payment is available as top criteria.


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2. Communication is everything – even for Sellers

Most sales deals on eBay run smoothly and will be handled between the seller and buyer without any problems and to mutual satisfaction. But as in the “real” life, dive and difficulties, some caused by negligence or misunderstandings. You can usually polite communication by creating the world.

It is however also that you are confronted with serious problems as a seller. In such a case, there are ways to protect themselves. As a seller, you should look at the reviews of the bidder on your item. If the bidder has already struck as frivolous, does he belong to the species of the bidder or the seller makes it otherwise unjustified life difficult?


Delete command


If you have the impression that such a bidder is participating in your auction, you may cancel the bid on the Bid History. However, you must then justify. Ebay offers the opportunity to buyers to lock in general for all your actions. Of course this can be reversed again.

There is the link to the appropriate form to reach the fastest by displaying on the eBay help “lock buyer”. It can happen to you that you must stop an auction early. This is only allowed if you have valid reasons. Such a reason is given as when the subject went broke or disappeared.

Cancel an offer on your “My eBay product”. If there is already make bids for the item, you must remove them first. Similarly, you do if you want to retrospectively change the item description, it is that you correct a mistake or additional information would include a wish. Select on “My eBay” the article and edit, click on the link “bid”. This is only twelve hours before the end of the auction.

Ebay helps

With a serious problem you face when the auction is completed successfully, the buyer logs but not been paid for. Of course, you wait a few days before you start politely contact with the customer and remind him of the auctioned goods and the payment due to any response from you after about 14 days to inform eBay. The link, click the “My eBay “, is important that eBay will be informed, because the only way a rogue buyer can be warned and if repeated, from trading on eBay excluded. Do not be afraid, to evaluate such a bad buyer.


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3. Free Management: The Turbo Lister 2

The “Turbo Lister 2 is a free program from eBay. It is addressed to all sellers who wish to complete their sales activities from the beginning efficiently. It does not matter whether you sell often or only now and then on eBay. The free program is available in the download area of COMPUTER BILD or on the eBay website. They can also be sent by eBay as a CD – then it costs euro 2.49.

With the Turbo Lister 2 to create step by step an offer, how would you do it online on the sales link on the eBay website? The Turbo Lister 2 has several advantages. All offers will be saved in the item and can be edited and reused.

No online connection

To create an offer to the Turbo Lister 2, or to edit, you do not need to be online. You can always work to the offers and then upload them at the best time in one go on the eBay website. Thus, the fees are waived for the time function.

The working surface of the Turbo Lister 2 offers in the left column of four main areas. The “Product List” stores all the offers made by you. No information will be lost. You can create backup copies and that import and export. Sort your offerings in the “Product List” from the beginning. This will not fall hard for you because the directory and folder structures you know from Windows.

Have a try with your own eBay store to earn money from your internet business. Good Luck!