Excuse Me – Did You Say You Were Making Money Doing Nothing?

When I first told my friends that I was able to make money on the internet doing absolutely nothing, they were first – let’s say – skeptical, then they realised I was serious, their skepticism turned to disbelief. And it was not until I actually showed them what I was doing that they finally believed what I was saying – I really could make money doing nothing at all.

Now, of course, I expect that you are probably thinking pretty much the same thing – you are somewhere in between skepticism and disbelief because you may have tried you socks-off and got absolutely nowhere. But in fact, it is perfectly true.

Let me share a little secret with you right here (and let this sink-in) …

It’s not people that make money online, it’s systems. Once you get the right system in place – one that is proven to deliver over and over – you will be wondering why you spun your wheels for so long at the beginning.

OK – so systems make money – well so what?

I’m glad you asked (well perhaps you didn’t, but if you didn’t, you should have done) because I am going to let you into the next secret …

On the internet, systems can be fully automated. So if you couple these two important factors together, you can get a proven system that delivers the cash into your online account that actually runs itself entirely on auto-pilot. Now that’s what I call making money doing nothing because that’s exactly what it is!

Right then, time for my next tip: you can either do it the hard way; or do it the easy way. The hard way is to setup your own system. Many people try to do that – that’s why Aweber and Get Response are so popular. But the vast majority of them fail. It can take years to perfect your own system. I know because it took me years to perfect my own.

So, instead of doing it the hard way, you can just do it the easy way. You can simply get yourself a system that’s already proven to deliver. All of the hard work has been done for you; all the testing and tweaking – so that all you need to do is plug-in to become instantly successful.

The best thing about the internet is it’s capacity to deliver buyers ready and willing to pay you their money provided – and it’s a big proviso – you can deliver on your promises. So my final tip is that you must ensure your buyers are satisfied by making sure you deliver or – preferably – over-deliver. You know what that is, of course; you just give them even more than they were expecting.

So now for more than you were (probably) expecting, I am going to let you see me actually making money doing nothing right now. After all, you are still probably like my friends were – somewhere between skepticism and disbelief. Well now you can see for yourself …