Easy Money Online Means Making Them Like You

Remember most of us are unknown quantities on the internet. The web visitor has to decide if  he or she trusts you to buy or accept any offer.  Their promise of internet wealth and easy money online are believed by only the most gullible.  One method used by many web masters is to give the visitor something for free, a report, an ezine, and e-course, or an audio report.

Most try to give something of value, of interest. For a new person to the internet, a free starter course on internet secrets, or if food is an issue, some recipes, or travel gift certificates–these are not costly.  The give-away should reflect who you are by being fresh and unique. Think about what you like and what you value and start with those elements in what you offer. If you like to ski, consider talking about ski trips and offer some unique tips about success on the slopes.

Remember to choose something that is not time or labor intensive, something you can do over and over without taking additional time on your part. This could be a weekly reminder, a tip on internet opportunities,  or a series of reports.

Once you create your offer, invite your web visitors to get it by exchanging their name and email for it. That way you can build your list of web visitors and can begin to keep in touch with them over time in some way. By offering unique value, you will begin to build credibility with your web visitor. By keeping in touch with them over time, you can continue the relationship so when they are ready, they  will call you.

Can you see how offering a free bonus of this kind might draw more people to your site? Can you see how it might build credibility with them? Giving away a free item of value builds your credibility and at the same time allows you to build a list of visitors that hopefully will grow  and establish a relationship for future dialogue. This  might in turn make  it  possible to earn easy money on the internet if not internet wealth.