Earn Money Quick With a Yard Sale

After 12 years in our family home raising 2 children we have more stuff than we could possibly ever need. It kind of mounts up slowly but before you know it your house it packed to the rafters with bits of furniture, gadgets, ornaments and toys galore, it was time for a yard sale!

In the UK where I live people tend to get rid of unwanted junk at car boot sales. In fact these are so common and popular you could even say they are a British institution. If you are not familiar with the concept I will explain, car boot sales are held normally on a Sunday in school playgrounds, fields or other big open spaces. Members of the public can pay a small fee (usually about $ 10) for a pitch where they can park their car and sell all their stuff normally packed in the boot (hence the name).

Anyway for us the idea of doing a car boot sale whilst appealing was not realistic given the amount of clutter we had to get rid of, far more than our small family motor could handle. To be honest I am a bit lazy as well and do not like the idea of getting up really early on a Sunday morning as it is the only day I get to lie in for longer.

So I suggested to my spouse that we do a yard sale. In the first instance we contacted the local council to find out if there where any restrictions on doing one, they advised us that we where not allowed to put posters up on trees, lampposts or any road signs. In addition to this they where not prepared to let us put leaflets through our neighbour’s mailboxes either. Apparently we would need a business permit if we wanted to do either of these activities which definitely were applicable to us.

To get around this we created a banner which we hung from the front of out top bay window. We made it by hand and wrote on it in big letters “Yard Sale This Sat at 11am”. We also created some big posters which taped to our bin and wheeled it to the end of our drive and left it there for the week.

Our modest promotion paid off big time. Come 11am on Saturday we had a number of potential customers eagerly waiting for us to pull our junk out so they could trawl through. In fact all day long we had a steady stream of customers buying up pretty much everything in site. In fact I was amazed at what people where prepared to pay good money for!

Worn out but encouraged by the end of the day we where able to withdraw into our house and count up the takings. We had made over $ 200 dollars and managed to get rid of lots of unwanted items. It was and incredible result and the whole family were absolutely delighted.

With the money I took a trip to the local DIY and discount ceramic tile stores and purchased materials to completely redecorate our family bathroom a very satisfying outcome indeed.